Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Twitter Tools that make you go hmmm…

Twitter has taken the Nation and the world by storm...and it’s abuzz with new twitter applications, tools, and tweet tips that could literally make an individual go insane with too much information. Let’s narrow down the playing field so you can have easy access to some of the latest, greatest, and some not-so-new twitter tools that can help you take your social media network to the next level of twitter mastery:

1. TweetDeck -

Not for the faint at heart because on this twitter application, you have to download specially-designed software that puts all your DMs (direct messages), replies, and tweets (your posts) in one place in real time. After you’ve downloaded this unique software, not only can you read all of the abovementioned items, but you RT (retweet), reply (and read to what your twitter pal has replied), change columns, tweet, and even direct message (DM) tweeple.

2. TweetTree -

Now here’s a twitter tool that can help you research your (and other twitter users’) tweets. Simply key in your search term, and viola! Up comes a listing with all relative posts. But, if you’re into trying something new, login with your twitter username and password, and you can tweet right from this site! What’s great about tweettree is that this site doesn’t just tweet your twitter posts, it displays all relevant posts from YouTube, FriendFeed, Flickr, TwitPic,, and more!

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5 Twitter Tips to Attract Quality Twitter Tweeple to Follow You

If you’re new to twitter (or maybe not-so-new to twitter) and you’re trying to expand your social media network — you need to know a few things before you go out and start following loads and loads of twitter tweeple.

To Follow or Not to Follow – that is the question.

When you begin following people, bare in mind that there are a variety of reasons why some folks may or may not follow you. Some twitterers may simply not follow you because they don’t like what you have to say. They may not follow you because they’re too busy to follow back. Good Samaritan twitters start with five twitter tips to get quality twitter tweeple to follow you on twitter:

Twitter Tip #1 – Your Twitter Avatar. What’s the big deal about having a twitter avatar? First and most importantly, it lets people see who you are or for what you represent. If you’ve got the default twitter pic on your twitter site, nine times out of ten, tweeple aren’t going to recognize you as a legitimate human being. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the moment I see someone “following” me with a hum-drum default pic, I’m not going to follow you. This tells me that you don’t care enough about yourself or your twitter site to reflect your personality or the work that you do. Twitter probably has one of the easiest upload mechanisms from all social media networking sites, so take a moment right now and go into your “settings” page; click “Picture,” and upload your favorite snapshot of yourself, you at work, or even your work logo — then click, “save.” Anything that represents you personally or professionally is always better than having the brown twitter default pic.